B4PLASTICS is a Belgian tech company developing, designing and distributing eco-plastic products. Tomorrow's sustainable world will increasingly require the use of local, renewable and/or biodegradable resources, and that is exactly what we start already today. This way, B4plastics products guarantee a pioneering novel balance between price, quality, functionality and sustainability. Expect world-new stuff to come...

The lowest eco-cost company in plastic niche products.

new products

100% degradable

Biorix ®

Biorix® drinking straws are not any longer made from classical plastics, but have been optimized to compost after usage in your compost bin. Get Biorix® in your Bioplanet shop!

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100% degradable

Compost3D ®

Compost3d® leads the 3D printing world to the next eco dimension: the fibrous material is dominantly made from natural resources and is 100% compostable in your own garden! The first plastic product ever that you can monitor on your smartphone to predict and follow its speed of composting. Order @ www.trideus.be

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100% degradable

Ecotrim ®

Ecotrim® is the fastest degradable trimming line in the world - the only one without any addition of oxodegradables. Now with MasterFibre Technology to avoid line rupture and make ultra strong.

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“Biorix® - the alternative bio-plastic straw”

The plastics design and architecture capabilities of our young company are up for special plastic features with functional and ecological outperformance, exampled in our products Ecotrim®, Compost3d® and Biorix®.

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TEDx talk about plastics

In an intriguing TEDx Talk, Stefaan De Wildeman unravels today’s drivers to find alternatives for conventional fossil plastics - exemplifying “drinking straws”. You fight with us?

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B4plastics and OneLessStraw become partners

Happy pre-announcement on our next product launch in June: a world-innovation which might have the biggest impact/weight ratio in the history of plastics. See you in June ! LINK: http://onemoregeneration.org/onelessstraw-partners/

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