B4plastics is a “polymer architecture” company: we design polymeric materials optimized for the application. Our own products show how this makes them leading in their own markets. We observe increasing interest of specialized companies to green their products at a higher pace, by leveraging involved plastics to a higher ecological standard. Most often, the optimal plastic granulate or liquid raw materials are lacking to fulfill this differentiating step within the strict criteria of the specific business environment. 

design from a blank sheet

At B4plastics, we design those custom made plastic solutions from a blank sheet, kicking in our differentiating biobased building blocks, prototype on kilogram level within a time frame of several months, and upon positive tests in the application guide the partner via piloting to full scale implementation. That way, the products are revamped with extra ecology in the core of their matter, making them fit for a much greener tomorrow. 

The transparent and intriguing story behind this custom made plastic change attracts the attention of their own clients, differentiating every downstream value chain player in their own market sector. Tomorrow, our world will be much greener thanks to a new generation of eco-plastics: become part of it!

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