The Polymer paradox or when durability is a challenge to overcome trough cutting-edge innovation: Meet Stefaan De Wildeman from B4PLASTICS !

Meet Stefaan De Wildeman and more world-leading experts in Green Chemistry and White Biotech at GreenWin’s International Conferences on 8 & 9 May 2019, at ULB Centre Point in Gosselies (South of Brussels) - Belgium

2018 - The tipping point year in plastics

So here we are. At the end of probably the most important year in the history of plastics.

“Biorix® - the alternative bio-plastic straw”

The plastics design and architecture capabilities of our young company are up for special plastic features with functional and ecological outperformance, exampled in our products Ecotrim®, Compost3d® and Biorix®.

TEDx talk about plastics

In an intriguing TEDx Talk, Stefaan De Wildeman unravels today’s drivers to find alternatives for conventional fossil plastics - exemplifying “drinking straws”. You fight with us?

B4plastics and OneLessStraw become partners

Happy pre-announcement on our next product launch in June: a world-innovation which might have the biggest impact/weight ratio in the history of plastics. See you in June ! LINK:

Ocean Plastic Pollution Worse Than Expected

The Ocean Cleanup concludes first-ever reconnaissance flight over ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’

COMPOST3D® ‐ How plastics come to life the moment we throw them away.

As from today, B4PLASTICS and its development partner Trideus turn 3D printing with plastic materials circular.