“Biorix® - the alternative bio-plastic straw”

B4plastics Founder Stefaan De Wildeman presents “Biorix® - the alternative bio-plastic straw” at Royal Institute in London Conference How to Save the World: the War on Plastics.

How to save the world

In his talk, Stefaan brings elements that are moving the borderlines of the current plastics industry: “The plastics design and architecture capabilities of our young company are up for special plastic features with functional and ecological outperformance, exampled in our products Ecotrim®, Compost3d® and Biorix®. They are offered to guide the plastics industry and all its dependent industries and consumers towards more sustainable practices in an accelerating and expanding manner.”

The 1-gram example

Biorix® was shown at the conference as “the 1-gram example” reflecting a massive impact that is underway from designing new plastics for our planet. At this moment, Biorix® qualifies as the fastest biodegradable drinking straw available in the market, with great user friendliness because of its flexibility as experienced by kids and disabled groups in society. Especially the relationship between consumers and their daily plastics was a highlight theme on the conference – fitting the mission of B4plastics very well: “We want to make it easier for people to bring their relationship with everyday plastics to a higher ecological level”.

The young company realizes this mission by its unique product portfolio and plastic (re)design offerings.

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