Ham (BE), 15 May 2017.

As from today, B4PLASTICS and its development partner Trideus turn 3D printing with plastic materials circular: COMPOST3D® is the first 3D plastic filament in the world that connects design and composting of 3D objects by means of a smartphone app. Since the origin of plastics, COMPOST3D® is thereby the first plastic product ever that gives consumers numeric end-of-life information dependent on the way of design and use. How plastics come to life the moment we throw them away.

COMPOST3D® is an innovation by B4PLASTICS and Trideus, two young flemish companies. B4PLASTICS develops custommade eco-plastics for new functional applications that gear up to the highest eco-level in their respective market segments. COMPOST3D® can be purchased as of today via the webshop of Trideus in Belgium.

Important print characteristics are best-in-class, such as impact resistance, toughness, overhang and printing comfort. The typical silk-look reflects the new eco-level that has never been reached before in the 3D printing world. The COMPOST3D® filament comes with its own smartphone app for Android and iOS. It calculates the time required for mineralisation in your garden compost bin, dependent on each unique 3D object and printer system. COMPOST3D® gives you thereby the control to bridge your 3D prints creation, to their donation – back to Nature.

COMPOST3D® is offered as of today via the Trideus webshop, packed in eco-kartonnage on 500-g eco-spools in natural colors silk white, desert yellow, fresh-leaf green, terra brown and compost black. Both standard diameters 1,75mm en 2,85mm come at a price of € 49,95 per spool. We advise to stock your empty eco-spools till we announce our next innovation.

  • B4PLASTICS bvba is a Belgian tech company developing, designing and distributing eco-plastics in exclusive products. Tomorrow’s sustainable world will increasingly require the use of local, renewable and/or biodegradable resources, and that is exactly what we start already today. This way, B4PLASTICS products guarantee a pioneering novel balance between price, quality, functionality and sustainability. The core activities of B4PLASTICS are inspired and operated on the historic coal mines of Eisden nearby Connecterra, Flanders largest natural parc.  To support sustainable entrepeneurship, B4PLASTICS has a strategic partnership with BEWEL, assembling, filling and packing the eco-spools. That way, B4PLASTICS aims to fulfill its role in the social economy.        (E: info@b4plastics.com)

  • TRIDEUS bvba is the Benelux retailer of several high quality 3D printers such as Ultimaker and Formlabs. After gaining substantial experience in 3D printing, time has come for the next step: support projects that bring 3D printing to the next ecological level. Trideus therefore supports B4plastics products with marketing and sales. Trideus has located its showroom in Ham (BE), from which all COMPOST3D® filaments will be distributed.                      (E: info@trideus.be)

  • iCleantech Vlaanderen strives for cooperations between companies, research institutes, government and society, thereby stimulating and implementing clean technologies. The 4 development fields are energy, water, mobility and materials. In cooperation with Flemish provinces, we have a strong network in Flanders.

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