Natural silk-look radiating ecological softness and glamour


Calculate the afterlife compost time of your prints before they exist


World-best balance between printing comfort and eco-friendliness

Compost3d® leads the 3D printing world to the next eco dimension: the fibrous material is dominantly made from natural resources and is 100% compostable in your own garden! Based on the printing software, you can now calculate the time to compost your prints, dependent on design and use. Compost3d® lets you drive your own end-of-life race of all your printing projects, even before you realized them. A revolutionary step to tomorrow’s sustainable world. 

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Based on mono-layer prints prints

* Calculate the average thickness of your prints based on your software.

Download the Compost3d app via the QR code.

Conditional estimated composting time:

· Compost3d® mineralizes optimally when the compost bin reaches >40°C

· Foresee manual or mechanical aeration of the compost bin twice a week at least

· Pre-shredding of the prints reduces compost time by 25-50%