Our products are selected carefully according to the specific questions of our customers. Most likely, our solutions did not exist before, because we design our plastic materials de novo from a white paper, and build them up with new combinations of functionalities. Our starting point for de novo design is (bio)chemistry and material expertise: our technological team has decennia-long experience in the fossil industry, translating this know-how to new processes and products. From first prototypes, we shift to validation with industrial partners via our piloting equipment. All solutions fulfill our mission: create the most ecological materials and solutions in plastics applications.

To achieve these ambitions, we count on our core expertise:

  • know-how to grow and harvest renewable and local resources
  • organic chemistry and (micro)biology to convert these resources into novel materials
  • Materials know-how to yield unique balanced products for the specific application at highest eco-standards

Follow our product launches and updates, and contact us for every plastic application you want to bring to a higher eco-level. Maybe we can help you out in a way that was not expected.

Designing tomorrow's plastics