Reduce. Refuse. Rethink.

B4PLASTICS is a Belgian tech company developing, designing and distributing eco-plastics. Tomorrow’s sustainable world will increasingly require the use of local, renewable and biodegradable resources, and that is exactly what we start already today. This way, B4plastics products guarantee a pioneering novel balance between price, quality, functionality and sustainability.

Plastics as they exist today, are under pressure. Their resources, their production processes, their way they are currently used, and their after-life, only hint 1 way to go: a higher ecological level that guarantees a future for our children.  It is time to leave our fossil era. Our products tell intriguing stories, and show us new ways to go.

Mining Tower in Eisden, Belgian Limburg


We want to make it easier for people to bring their relationship with everyday plastics to a higher ecological level.


Innovation is not a feature for us, but a must. Therefore our products are most often unconventional and unexpected. They are designed to show our society new ways to start working on a green future - today. If we repeat yesterday's practices for too long, we might get stuck too severe in the current fossil plastic era. Therefore we started a journey that creates the new plastic economy every day more and more: plastics made from local agro-sources, freshly harvested from our land an locally converted to products for local customers - "Our Plastics". The new world expects us: together with partners and users, we go for it. Our products prove that novel ecological plastic materials are a lovely part of that new world. No time to waste: together we can make it more beautiful and safer already today.


Products you have never seen before, climbing to the highest eco standard in their application. Products creating mind switches. Suddenly our fossil habits become outdated. We look forward to present you our newest eco-products in the plastic world - time after time. Be prepared for unexpected stuff that triggers our minds and our habits.


The first time that you suddenly felt in control about your plastic consumption, and understood how you can start your personal contribution to a more sustainable world - today. Your children will be so thankful.