Project Manager Backoffice

January 6, 2021

Who are you?

There is a red line in your life, or better said “a green line”. You realize that this world is up for much more sustainability, and you wonder how you can contribute to that in an exceptional way. To move things where they before seemed stuck. To co-create new plastic grades with exclusive features together with believers around you. What is suggested or dreamed in journals and on social media about our future, you just want to turn into reality. The reality of “The New Plastics Economy”. With a team of experts beside you.

If that is you, this page might become a memorable one in your life. And in ours.


What qualifies you?

You have at least 3-5 years experience in project management, are a problem solver and team player, love to communicate in English or Dutch, and like to increase your efficiency in projects with IT platforms like Confluence or BusinessOne. You are the backbone in B4P’s back office. Structure and planning is your second nature. Your can do mentality gives a daily boost in your projects. Your responsibilities are: (i) streamline the operational tasks in the back office: plan, manage and deliver project outputs such as products, samples and reports (ii) resolve project hick-ups in a pro-active way (iii) master and maintain our project management tools, and (iv) monitor and report on progress of the projects to all stakeholders. After all, you are a finisher, and our team can build on you.


Who are we?

We are B4Plastics and we want to guide this world to “The New Plastics Economy”: designing new eco-plastics from scratch, prototyping them for partners and own products, and upscaling them as the market demands. “Local”, “bio-sourced”, “controlled (natural) recyclability” and “exclusive features” are our differentiators in this adventure.


What do we offer?

A professional and above-average innovative environment with leading global partners targeting world-new products, bringing every day’s joy and sweat, while securing your competitive salary package and your development for long term employment. Your job will directly impact the plastics industry and transition it to an unprecedented high level of ecology.

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