Recyclable or biodegradable?

December 22, 2020

B4Plastics explains in Financieel Dagblad

You can believe in recycling, or you can believe in biodegradability. Both seem to bite each other from time to time. At B4Plastics, we believe in both. At least, depending on the application, it makes sense to combine both in one polymeric material – precisely architected to fulfill the needs of the target products. Should fishing nets only be recycled? Not as long as we have ghost nets! Should they then be degradable? Not as long as they can be recycled… So what is it now? We think it is both! There is a huge opportunity to explore this new synergistic world. The one should not exclude the other. Our wizard competence is… Polymer Architecture.

Read the story and sharpen your bioplastic senses – we are eager to know your views!

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