The world has been waiting in thrill for the answer on a very prominent question: “Are microplastics dangerous?”


As we find microplastics in every corner of the planet, and in ourselves, the question was taken up by many research groups in recent years. Today we have bad news: microplastics seem to harm our immune system. Read further details here

No energy on this whole planet will be massive enough to turn our habitats microplastic-free again. The only thing we can do, is to face the urgency of things, and create the new plastics economy much faster than currently anticipated. Preferably today.

Recycling will of course be a part of the solution. But re-designing tomorrow’s plastics – the core technology of B4plastics – to reduce and detoxify their exposure of microplastics to nature, might even be a bigger part of the solution.

Because most of the currently used fossil-born plastics, whether recycled or not, give rise to microplastics anyway. Just by washing our clothes or wearing out our carpets and shoes!

We feel very sorry for this world to hear this news today. It will be a serious battle to overcome.
But it strengthens us in our reason of existence as a technology company: be a world-leading developer of microplastic-free polymeric materials for the daily plastic goods in our lives.


We count on all our partners, to make it happen.
The sooner the better.

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