The most ecological 3D filament in the world


Compost3D® leads the 3D printing world to a higher ecological dimension: the filament is mainly made from natural raw materials and is 100% compostable. The first plastic product ever that you can predict and track in its composting speed on your smartphone. 

Extra information


  • Higher impact and ductility
  • Reliable printability of harder objects due to the fiber structure
  • Print objects that bend before they break
  • Unique and premium SIDE look
  • Technical precision prints with up to 55 degrees overhang

Available in five different colors


Dessert Yellow

Earth Brown

Leaf Green

Compost Black

Ready to challenge the future, together?

We are constantly looking for new challenges to redefine the composition of plastic and aiming for a sustainable future. Together, B4Plastics is on a mission.


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