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Catalogue based solutions

Our Catalogue based services make it easy for you to get control over your plastic material: we make it, we improve it, we show how to degrade it, and we let you understand it by our specialized analysis methods. And to connect your wildest plastic dreams with reality: we fish it out from our Bioplastics Library! A match made in heaven?



Polymerization of materials from gram to ton-scale 

  • up to 1-kg: Laboratory
  • up to 100-kg: Pilot
  • up to 1000-kg: Demo

Upgrading of materials from gram to ton-scale

  • Material derivatization
  • Viscosity fine tuning
  • Masterbatch (ecological additives)

Degradation of your material

  • Enrich, isolate and sequence microorganisms degrading your material
  • Screen the behavior of your material under degradation conditions
  • Degradation pathway elucidation



  • Thermomechanical properties (softening point, crystallinity, E-modulus, tensile strength,…)
  • Viscosity measurement (per polymer class)
  • Determination of contaminants (toxics, leaching)
  • Stability (heat, UV, solvents, salts, biofilms)
  • Composition (chemical, elementary, inorganic fraction)
  • Extractables (amount, type)


B4PLASTICS Bioplastics Library

Quick match of your material challenge with the B4PLASTICS in-house Bioplastics Library.

Ready to challenge the future, together?

We are constantly looking for new challenges to redefine the composition of plastic and aiming for a sustainable future. Together, B4Plastics is on a mission.


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