RubberPlastics are the perfect elastomeric materials to help our New Plastics Economy land… softly. The dampening properties of these materials go hand-in-hand with biobased or recycled raw materials, to give the best circularity of rubbery materials in the world.


  • Uniqueness: Degradable elastomer
  • Properties: ShoreA 60 – 90
  • Raw materials: local>40%, renewable>20%, recycled>20%
  • Applications: high friction, noise dampening, bounce resilience, inflation,…
  • Durability: moderate – high
  • Biodegradable: steerable between 6 – 60 months

"Perfect elastomeric materials to help our New Plastics Economy land softly"

B4Plastics technologies

Building the largest library of new ecological plastics, and having the ambition to bridge this bio-wealth to societal products used by consumers, we have started to cluster our materials. Each of these Technology Platforms will bring more and more representative products, which have world-leading capacities in their markets.


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