“To be, or not to be, that is the question”… and the point of TriggerPlastics. One moment they are here doing their intended job, the next they are gone, by means of the stimulus or ‘trigger’ applied to them. You choose the rate of change, from months to weeks to hours to minutes to… seconds. Triggers can be enzymes – a particular specialty of ours – or light, salts, solvents, microwaves, heat or pressure. For each of the different possible triggers, we have investigated and developed polymeric backbones that alter their behavior, leading to beneficial and controlled product development within the application.


  • Uniqueness: Trigger-dependent material change
  • Properties: very diverse
  • Raw materials: very diverse
  • Triggers: heat, solvents, salts, enzymes, light, microwaves
  • Applications: very broad from cosmetics to packaging
  • Durability: low to moderate
  • Biodegradable: ultra-wide and controlled from months to minutes

"One moment they do their job, the next moment you do not recognize them anymore."

B4Plastics technologies

Building the largest library of new ecological plastics, and having the ambition to bridge this bio-wealth to societal products used by consumers, we have started to cluster our materials. Each of these Technology Platforms will bring more and more representative products, which have world-leading capacities in their markets.


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